Monday, 23 March 2009

Things I Like That Go Together

One of my favourite novels - Girlfriend In A Coma by Douglas Coupland. A lot darker and far more sobering than his other books I only discovered it when browsing in my local charity bookshop. There is one part in particular, where everyone starts falling asleep for no apparent reason. A significant point is when this happens in a supermarket, which I found stark, memorable, and disturbing. Something Emily Haines pulls off in her debut album Knives Don't Have Your Back. I'm not sure if the followibg video for Doctor Blind was inspired by this - it is likely a coincidence. But still, it strikes a chord and bears a certain similarity.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

We will never turn to salt

Do you remember?
That serene day in winter?

We spent it on the beach,

Ice cream filling our mouths.
You devoured strawberry
And I stuck with mint.

Our hats kept us warm

And our scarves choked our breath.

We walked for such a while.

I decided to turn and look back.

That distant ice cream truck

Was a speck against the sky.

And seemed to me, alone.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Lighten Up Now

This blog needs to lighten up - it has rutted itself into an awkward, melancholic place and needs to get out or else suffocate. It's like the walls have closed in around it and confined it within itself; causing a loop of irrelevant causality. A Mobius strip all unto itself. Personally, I want too see something I would enjoy reading. So a dark place is not always where I want to go. Sure, I like the dark places, but then I also revel in the light, because without the light, how would we recognise the dark? So once in a while I will make sure to bring a sliver of joy here, and maybe leave a bitter taste behind along with the sweet. We all enjoy fresh lemonade, right?
This balance can be difficult to hold up, and I struggle to get that bitter-sweet, 'sad even though I'm happy' balance right.
So much so that I thought of tearing the blog down, or maybe apart, ripping open the fabric of the internet so that a black hole forms and grows to super-massive scales and consumes all. Our social lives would spiral in and we would be forced to abandon 1's and 0's and revert back to pumping our way through life using valves and tubes. The event horizon would be pure information.
What a sight. What an improbability.
It would also be the dark path.
I promise to add some sweetness soon.